"Pilgrims Way, Wicklow Gap" canvas print displayed in a black frame on a white brick wall.

” Pilgrims Way, Wicklow Gap ” canvas print by Rod Coyne


” Pilgrims Way, Wicklow Gap ” canvas print is from a series of pictures born out of Rod Coyne’s love for the Wicklow mountains and their long history. This national park currently falls under the mantle of Ireland’s Ancient East.

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” Pilgrims Way, Wicklow Gap ” the original painting is available here.


  • Location: Wicklow Mountains, Ireland.
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Theme: Landscape

Pilgrims Way, Wicklow Gap – Background

“Pilgrims Way, Wicklow Gap” is from the high point of Rod Coyne’s Atmospheric period and it depicts a view into the eastern valley below the Wicklow Gap. This is the route followed by early Christians on pilgrimage over the Wicklow mountains to the monastery and holy site of Glendalough (valley of two lakes). It was painted plein air and was a key painting in Rod’s “Mist and Reality” exhibition in summer 2008. #IrelandsAncientEast

The Pilgrims Way leads to a misty monastery in Glendalough.
The Pilgrims Way leads to a misty monastery in Glendalough.

Pilgrims Way, Wicklow Gap – The Genesis

“It was a cold, wet January morning when a police car rounded the corner to find me standing aimlessly in the middle of a lonely mountain road. He pulled up beside me and rolled down the window to quiz the man wearing four coats. The Garda listened patiently as I explained that my business is painting landscapes and I was presently looking for a suitable composition for the first canvas of the year. He observed my layers of clothing, my unhurried demeanor and smiling wistfully he announced, “You’re the type of man who doesn’t need many luxuries in life. You don’t need the latest flat screen telly or a big, fancy car…you get all that pleasure and satisfaction from your work. I can see that your work is your life and that you are a lucky man.” And with that he coasted off down the steepest of serpentine roads. He left me there looking like a tramp and feeling like a million dollars.”

“A cold, sharp wind snapped me out of my reverie and I started to put my mind to my task for the day. There are plenty of views from the spot I’d chosen but I decide on the one which I had kind of already picked in my head while driving to work. It’s the most empowering composition because the viewer soars above the landscape with an almost vertigo inspiring eagle eyed view.”

A view from above Glendalough - the Pilgrims destination.
A view from above Glendalough – the Pilgrims destination.

“As a painting exercise it went suspiciously well and my picture fell into place effortlessly. As usual I forgot all about the winter weather, hunger and time itself – a typical near out of body experience for me. But suffice to say I headed home long before dark (much earlier than expected) with a smug grin on my face. That grin was resolutely wiped off my face when I opened the back door of the van to find that a plastic water bottle of had hopped out of the shelf above and merrily rolled to and fro on the wet canvas giving it a totally unwanted abstract look.”

Palette of oil paints mixed and ready for action.

“Back in the studio I managed to straighten out the random mark-making and it looked pretty much as it had on the mountain top. The real irony being that I next attacked the picture with quantities of thinners and allowed the various fields of color bleed into each in my own contrived random manner. The result is the artwork you see here today. I love it for two reasons; firstly, it perfectly communicates the winter landscape I saw before me that day.  And secondly, it always reminds me of my own pilgrimage from blank canvas to perfect atmospheric painting” – Rod Coyne.

Pilgrims Way, Wicklow Gap_Cropped detail for Facebook.

” Pilgrims Way, Wicklow Gap ” original oil painting is available here.

” Pilgrims Way, Wicklow Gap ” is January in the Wicklow on Canvas 2018 Calendar.