Kilmacurragh Stairs canvas print framed in black on a white brick wall.

Kilmacurragh Botanical Stairs canvas print by Rod Coyne.


Kilmacurragh Botanical Stairs canvas print is  born out of Rod Coyne’s  Avoca Painting School. It’s a gestural painting which strikes a harmony between figurative and abstract. Rod’s canvas print is the perfect addition to any home or collectors wall.

This canvas fine art print available in small, medium and large sizes. It is framed and the price includes FREE world wide delivery.  #IrelandsAncientEast


“I remember clearly the day I painted this piece. It was day 5 of our Avoca Painting School 2017 Painting Holiday, and our whistle-stop tour of Wicklow had led us to the Kilmacurragh Botanical Gardens. I started each day with a painting demo for the assembled students, always something fast and loose which they could use as a springboard to launch into the own day’s work. It being the the fifth and final plain air outing we we all completely in the zone having had a week of total paint immersion.

Happy painting students with their tutor, Rod Coyne, team photo.
Happy painting students with their tutor, Rod Coyne, team photo.

I usually have a good idea of what I will depict during the demo long before the workshop begins, yet I do keep my options open for a last minute flash of inspiration. But Kilmacurragh is tricky as I never know what will be in bloom at any given time, not to mention that any amount of cutting might occur between visits thus utterly changing what I had imagined in my minds eye. This was turning out to be one of those days and I was casting around for a new motif to paint. I was feeling confident, with a weeks work under my belt, and felt I should be able to nail whatever it was I was going to put my artistic mind to.

Over the years I had noticed the irregular steps leading to the level above but never felt capable of creating a worthy composition with them. But today I was up for it. After two minutes sketching I took out the biggest brush I dared and attacked the canvas…