Free Painting Video (beat the quarantine blues)


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As the Covid-19 lock-down continues we want to pass our time in fun and fulfilling ways. Eager to help, Avoca Gallery  brings the mountain to Muhammad with a free instructional DVD download. Now you can paint along with Rod Coyne at home, using this free instructional video and a print-ready reference photo. Beat the quarantine blues with this gratis masterclass.

Alternatively, simply enjoy a welcome escape to the Wicklow mountains while watching this hypnotizing and meditative insight into the creative process. Creativity boosts our well-being so please share this FREE DOWNLOAD link with your art friends, friends and family the world over.
Together (keeping apart) we can beat this, please stay well and follow HSE advice.

We are inviting anyone who wishes to support the arts to simply choose the €5 paid option instead.

Click here to download image: 2014 Avoca Downriver_painting reference

Also, if you will be painting along with Rod, we’d love to see your results and hear your comments. Please feel free to share with the Quarantine Creatives or post on our Avoca Gallery Facebook page. We can create a group dynamic and Rod will be on hand for feedback too.

The original painting and prints are available to order here.



Rod Coyne’s “Secrets of the Palette Knife” DVD

A guide to landscape painting in the beautiful Vale of Avoca

There’s more to “Secrets of the Palette Knife” than just a painting DVD. Spend a day with artist Rod Coyne in the spectacular surroundings of the “Garden of Ireland”. He invites you to his plein air studio on a hidden shore of the Avoca River. In this 60 minute film Coyne shares both a hypnotising and meditative insight into the process of creating a picture from beginning to end. The artist’s expert guidance into palette knife painting will whisk you along just as the river flows through the Vale of Avoca.


With over 20 years experience, Rod Coyne is one of the most exciting landscape painters in Ireland today. This painting DVD is about spontaneity, visual composition, and trusting your inner impulse. Whether you want to loosen up your landscape painting style or sit back and watch Rod do the work – this master-class is for you. With his affable approach, the artist will inspire painters and Ireland fans alike.


Painting DVD shoot day 1 shows a half painted canvas alongside the Avoca River.
Lights – Camera – Action!

“I couldn’t help feeling somebody up there likes me when I rose on the first morning of our video shoot for my first painting DVD. Day one was going to be crucial as it would be the the day of the the painting demo itself. I knew that I had the perfect location for the perfect composition taking in some key elements of the landscape: sky, water, mountain and forest. It was a scene which I had painted before and a place just enough off the beaten track so a not to be disturbed by the general public. I was undaunted by preforming to the camera having over a hundred live demos under my belt during the past five years. The big variable could only be the weather. I’m comfortable working in all weathers but from the audience’s point of view a grey day would flatten out all contrast, a rainy day would affect how the paint sticks to the canvas or a very windy day could see most of my time securing and steadying the picture. In the end it was nearly 20 degrees, not a breath of wind and just the occasional fluffy cloud ambling in front of a deep blue sky. I looked out my bedroom window and decided somebody up there likes me and this was meant to be!” – Rod Coyne.

DVD shoot day 2 shows everything an artist could need for days painting laid out in the Avoca Studio Gallery.
DVD shoot day 2 shows everything an artist could need for days painting laid out in the Avoca Studio Gallery.

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