Image of "Domburg Mandriaan's Church" canvas print in black frame displayed on a rough white wall.

“Domburg, Mandriaan’s Church”, canvas print or original by Rod Coyne.


“Domburg, Mandriaan’s Church” is one of a series of paintings born out of Rod Coyne’s  2014 participation in the Domburg International Painting Festival. The original artwork is  oil on canvas and measures 70 x 100 cm (28″ x 30″ inches).

Rod Coyne also offers this motif as a framed canvas fine art print (available in three sizes).

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Domburg, Mondriaan’s Church: Following in Mondrian’s footsteps

This motif depicts the church made infamous by Mondriaan in the early 1900’s as he led in the vanguard of Cubism and Abstract painting. Rod’s rendering of the building celebrate the architectural majesty of the period. He uses the blazing summer sunlight to pick out the stark light and shadow contrasts, while reveling in the hot terracotta stone dominant in the region. The product of Coyne’s Dutch residency is the perfect addition to any home or office for the true art collector.

Photo showing pedestrians stopping in their tracks to see Rod painting. Rod caused a bit of a stir with his large format depicting of this much familiar landmark.
Rod caused quite the stir with his large format depicting of this much familiar landmark.

Domburg, Mondriaan’s Church: My Domburg Experience.

“Late 2013 I was invited to join Schildersweek 2014 in Domburg, Holland. This is a prestigious Scholarship/residency/art festival where 30 international artists are invited (and sponsored) to work for 10 days in the picturesque seaside town culminating in a summer-long exhibition. The foundation Art and Performance sponsor the artists’ travel, materials, local transport and accommodation with a host family. Obviously I grabbed such a prestigious opportunity to represent Ireland’s plein air painters with both hands.”

“Domburg has been a cherished and high-class, seaside and spa destination for Belgium, German and Dutch jet set for over a century now. Add to that a rich and influential artistic history and the scene was set for the organisers to re-kindle the cultural profile with the inaugural event in 2003.”

Photo of 2014 Domburg, Rod looking proud with his week's work displayed.
2014 Domburg, Rod looking proud with his week’s work displayed on the studio wall.


“Today’s kids continually over-use a word and it is the best way I can describe my Domburg experience: “awesome”. It worked for me on so many different levels: culturally, artistically, socially and of course networking and building for the future. Not to mention time spent cycling around Holland on a bike with an easel tied to the back was pure therapy for me, and was like a holiday to an artist currently performing the balancing act of his life.”

“It was always part of the arrangement that each artist leaves one painting with the foundation to be sold to fund future festivals. This beach painting was chosen by the committee to stay behind in Domburg, Seeland, but I still have the video of its creation.” – Rod Coyne.

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“Domburg, Mandriaan’s Church” is one of five Coyne paintings currently on display in Toss’d noodles in Dublin’s IFSC:

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