Blessed Beacon Canvas Print

Blessed Beacon – Canvas Print homage to William Turner by Rod Coyne


Rod Coyne’s Blessed Beacon is the perfect gift for art-lovers and Turner fans alike. This fine art canvas print is available in three sizes. It is framed and the price includes FREE SHIPPING world wide.

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This painting is available as original artwork.

  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Theme: Landscape
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Blessed Beacon – homage to William Turner

Following in the masters footsteps Rod Coyne painted this after studying William Turner water colors on show in Dublin’s National Gallery. It is one of those ambiguous paintings where the viewer will see something new every time, including elements which the artist never even imagined.

“It’s a few years ago now, but I remember so vividly painting this piece. I was on residency at the Cill Rialaig Artists retreat in the wilds of Co. Kerry, March 2009. There had been an early dusk brought in by Atlantic rains so I was obliged to get creative in the studio with out the aid of an expansive outdoor landscape in front of me. Devoid of reference material I started drawing up recent visual memories, including my recent visit to Turners’ watercolor exhibition in Dublin. But memories are unreliable, just like dreams they slip away when we grasp at them. As the images faded the emotion of Turners painting surfaced for me. Armed with the uplifting sensation of light banishing darkness I went to work with my palette knife and a few basic colours. Piece by piece Blessed Beacon emerged from the canvas in front of me.” – Rod Coyne.

J. M.W. Turner began his artistic career at a very young age. His success was fairly immediate, selling his first painting at just 12 years old. He continued to accomplish significant achievements at a remarkably young age, some that people others would never have the privilege of experiencing.

Throughout his career he remained highly sought-after and acquired a very large fortune from his commissions. He is remembered as an influential painter, said to be the best landscapist of the 19th century, and a key artist to influence the Impressionist movement.

He is most well-known for his original interpretations of bringing light and color to his canvases.