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1916 Calendar by Rod Coyne

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A must for those with Ireland in their hearts, this 2016 calendar is a beautiful way to mark the centenary year of Ireland’s march to independence. Coyne’s interpretation is exclusive because Rod has completely re-invented the tiny handful of photos we have to remember our patriots by. And on top of that it is is also a collection of high-end poster quality prints to frame and hang long after 2016.

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Rod Coyne 1916 Calendar in Dublin

Rod Coyne 1916 Calendar in Manhatton New York   Rod Coyne 1916 Calendar in Dusseldorf   Rod Coyne 1916 Calendar in Wild About office Wexford   Rod Coyne 1916 Calendar in Neuss Germany 1   Rod Coyne 1916 Calendar in Texas  


Rod Coyne 1916 Calendar – What is it?

Rod Coyne has created an exclusive series of portraits remembering key faces as Easter 1916 Calendar. The artist blends contemporary and classical painting to draw together the vastly diverse photographic sources. The unity of style he achieves underlines the diverse nature of the Risings’ protagonists and how they bound together in common purpose.

1916 Calendar – Why did Rod Coyne make it?

“I started out with a need to update the 1916 images I had known since I was a kid. The faces I admired for so long had become jaded in my eyes; they had been re-hashed continually in books and posters to the point where I couldn’t see them anymore.
Using a palette of Prussian Blue and Sienna I have attempted to give the collection a unifying thread to tie them together. Each original photograph was completely different to the next; some considered studio portraits and other taken on the fly. I decided not to trace from the photos but to process them through my own eyes, head and hand. I knew I would be trading “accuracy” for a chance to really commune with these faces until they started to become people.”– Rod Coyne.
The Easter Rising of 1916 was pivotal to the emergence of an independent Ireland. Only supported by a minority of the Irish population, the courage and sacrifice of those who led it would in time change their nation’s destiny. The story of how less than two thousand Irish men and women bravely confronted the might of the British army in Dublin remains one of the most compelling in Irish history.