Avoca Painting School Covid-19 update as of 29th March 2020.

Following an Taoiseach’s anouncement of March 27th, the National Botanic Gardens at  Kilmacurragh will remain closed to visitors until Easter Sunday, April 12th. At this point we should know if our Kilmacurragh workshop on the 25th of April will be going ahead. We will be contacting our students directly with updates by email. Avoca Painting School will also publish updates on social media and here on this website. If you have any questions in the meantime please contact us directly: info@avocastudiogallery.com

Photo of Rod Coyne's demo canvas at the Painting Workshop at Kilmacurragh.
Photo of Rod Coyne’s demo canvas at the Painting Workshop at Kilmacurragh.

Some useful links:

Current Irish government advise.

Medical advice issued by the HSE.

Avoca Gallery page on Facebook.

Avoca Gallery page on Twitter.

“It may seem trivial to be worrying about a painting workshop in such dire times, but we feel it has important value in balancing the daily news cycle. We are all trying to keep a sense of normality going in these abnormal times. And regardless of how long it takes to put this crisis behind us we intend still being here, doing our arty thing. So, here’s looking forward to better days in the future and the healing power of art. Keep safe everyone.” – Rod Coyne.

Painting Workshop Update

Avoca Painting School Covid-19 update as of 15th March 2020.

Having studied the recent Irish government advise ( 16th March ’20) and following medical advice issued by the HSE (14th March ’20) we plan to continue with our outdoor workshop programme for 2020. This is our current position and we realise that we may need to re-assess at any time given the fast-changing nature of the virus situation. So please watch this space (also our Facebook) for further updates or contact us with any queries: info@avocagallery.com

Meeting of the Waters with Avoca Painting School
Meeting of the Waters with Avoca Painting School

We wish to reassure our students that our workshops are conducted within the current health guidelines. Each workshop contains a maximum of 10 students, we are working solely outdoors and with ample space for effective social distancing.

A carpet of "Rhodi" petals.
A carpet of “Rhodi” petals.

“A Hunger for Painting” by Jurgen Raap

“Two years into my Irish plein air experiment (2002) I really felt that I had the bit between my teeth. The studio-less year I had promised myself was set to become three years. My key fears of unproductive, distracted wanderings through my native landscape proved unfounded. I was more prolific and confident than I could ever remember in my artistic life. In short I was unhinged, unchained and happier than a dog with two tails. It was at this point that a German art critic took an interest in my work and wrote the following.” – Rod Coyne.

“The Works of Rod Coyne”

written in 2002 by the eminent German author, journalist and critic Jurgen Raap. “White bellowing clouds in the sky. Deep, dark blue-gray announces an immanent rain front (Bull Cow and Calf 5, 2001).” – Jurgen Raap.

image of painting depicting distant islands on the horizon under a massive storm cloud.
image of painting depicting distant islands on the horizon under a darkening dusk sky..
(above) Distant islands under a massive storm cloud. Acrylics on paper, 60x40cm.
Distant islands on the horizon under a darkening dusk sky. Acrylics on paper, 40x30cm.

“Stormy wind stirs up the sea. The waves smash hard against the rocky shore of Dalkey island, and the heavy rain sprays over the frothing foam. ” – Jurgen Raap.

image of painting depicting a arain storm moving between Dalkery Island and the mainland. This painting was highlighted by Jurgen Raap.
(above) A rain storm moving between Dalkery Island and the mainland. Acrylics on paper, 40x30cm.
A south-easterly gale piles waves over the bulwark of Bulloch Harbour. Acrylics on paper, 60x40cm.

Intense Study of Nature

“Rod Coyne’s pictures are the result of an intense study of nature and weather. After living in Duesseldorf between 1990 and 1999, he rediscovered his native landscape on his return home. Landscapes and seascapes make up the backbone of his painting over the past four years – yet the treatment is anything but sentimental nor is it a simple recording of unbridled nature as in the romanticism of the 19th century of such subjects as a metaphor for the immortal for the animation, spiritualization nature dramatized. In contrast, Rod Coyne’s pictures communicate the immediacy of the physical experience of the atmospherics, of wind, of rain, and of natural lightshows. When the sun breaks through the clouds, a yellow reflection ripples on the uneasy waters of “Killiney Bay”, 2000. In another painting a rainy landscapes disappears in a gray foggy, veil.  Only the dark silhouette of the mountains breaks through the mist, “Coomacallee Mountain”, 2001. ” – Jurgen Raap.

(above) Killiney Bay, acrylics on paper, 40x30cm.
Coomacallee Mountain, Co. Kerry, acrylics on paper, 40x30cm.

Coyne seen through Traditional Art History

“One could be tempted to see these paintings in a traditional art history light, the likes of William Turner and the French impressionism stretching into the post modern 20th century, as painting with an emphasis on sensuality and the substance as against the brittleness of conceptualism and minimalism. At the same time Rod Coyne frees himself of the art historical legacy: his “harvest” series 2002, completely side-steps symbolism , which in ages passed was about a seasonal depiction.  Coyne paints the fields with rolled straw bales  and towering haystacks.  With dynamic, rhythmic brushstrokes he captures the stubble rows of  grain with bright yellows, ocker and brown tones. ” – Jurgen Raap.

Two Sheds, Two Stacks, acrylics on canvas, 130x65cm.
Hay Bales, acrylics on canvas, 130x65cm.

Contemporaneous of Rod’s Painting

“Rich, dark green marks the forest edge and trees in the background. But that is not a parable of the idyllic and simple rural life – it is more a visual documentation of the rationalization and commercial efficiency of the combine harvester in a time when the farmyard has made way for factory farming. In this scene Rod Coyne offers us a most up to date contemporary painting. The mechanical, automation reflected in the straw bales allow no room for romanticism, as found in the Shepard scenes paintings of the 18th century, or the light hearted paintings of the impressionists. In this rejecting every transfiguration lies the contemporaneous of Rod Coyne’s painting. ” – Jurgen Raap.

Twin Towers, acrylics on canvas, 130x65cm.

Truest form of Painting

“While the style of painting in the harvest series remains true to the image depicted, other series show a tendency towards abstraction and form reduction. In the picture “Dusk, Cill Rialaig House” 2001, the landscape experiences a dissolving into long bands of color contrasting blue and yellow. Wide, quick brushstrokes traverse the picture. The cottage with its ghostly gable end is equally fleetingly depicted. The rough architectural form is captured loosely – while all other shapes are simplified and reduced, the more its abstracted, the more the atmosphere is realized the color blocks alone. ” – Jurgen Raap.

image of painting depicting a thatched cottage nested between the mountains disapering in the evening gloom. This painting was highlighted by Jurgen Raap.
A thatched cottage nested between the mountains disapering in the evening gloom. Acrylics on paper, 60x40cm.

“This is truest form of painting – as the fundamental principle of painting is the paint (i.e. paint control). The paint depicts the form, not the outline drawing. The natural conclusion all abstraction is monochrome, as practiced in successive modern movements, from Paul Cézanne to Yves Klein, while having aesthetic value did prove to be an art historical cul-de-sac. The only exit was and is the rediscovery of figuration. ” – Jurgen Raap.

Perched on the edge of the world, Rod Coyne paints on Valentia Island, Co. Kerry.
Perched on the edge of the world, Rod Coyne paints on Valentia Island, Co. Kerry.

“With the creditability of  the tools and materials and handling of paint, painting has been able to hold its own against the new age of technical media art. As the German critic Wolfgang Max Faust credited the artists of the 80’s with a “hunger for pictures”. That same sentiment can be attributed to the young painters of today, to Rod Coyne and his peers. ” – Jurgen Raap.

Rod’s Radical RTE Radio Plug

RADIO ROD…got an amazing plug and nearly crashed the car. Avoca Painting School vouchers come in for special attention by Aiofe Barry on the Marian Finucane Show under the heading “Experience Gifts” and score 10 out of 10. See our gift Vouchers here.

“Exactly one year ago I’m bumper to bumper in Xmas shopping traffic, killing time with the radio on. Marian Finucane is on RTE Radio 1 and she’s examining the world of “Experience Gifts” with journalist Aiofe Barry. During the intro the presenter mentions the various categories coming up and among them is the “painting experience”. Cynically I chuckle to myself saying “…imagine they pick the the Avoca Painting School, like there’s no way that’s going to happen…” I am so convinced that fate owes me nothing that I nearly rear-end the car in front when Aiofe Barry launches into “…And for painting I’ve chosen the Avoca Painting School run by Rod Coyne…”

In future I promise not to be so cynical and thank the gods of fate for every endorsement they pass my way. Merry Christmas everyone.” – Rod Coyne

Broadcast Details:

Aiofe Barry reported: “Avoca painting school, run by Rod Coyne. You can buy vouchers online: avocagallery.com/

You will receive your Gift Voucher as an email containing a unique coupon code, the recipient must use that code to book their chosen workshop online. Courses cost up to €100. A lot of these courses are outdoors in Wicklow, the Botanical gardens, at The Meeting of the Waters…Also, if you book early there’s a €20 discount. “


RTE1: Rod on the Radio.
Marian Finucane discusses Avoca Painting School with journalist Aiofe Barry. They endorse our gift vouchers and celebrate the new “Experience Gift” culture for creative, adventurous types. National broadcaster transmitted this edition on the 22nd of December 2018.

weblink to show: https://www.rte.ie/radio/radioplayer/html5/#/radio1/10977350

Big thank you @rteradio1 @marianne__finucane__44576 @aiofebarry #RTE1#radio#paintingworkshop#vouchers#experiencegift#LearntoPaint#Avoca

Eco Aware Banksy Bear by Rod Coyne

“I was delighted to be invited to take part in the world’s first ever Eco Aware Banksy Project earlier this year. Thirty chosen artists were sworn to secrecy (no social media or any announcements) untill the project had run it’s course. Throughout the seaside town of Tramore, Co. Waterford, on the 26th of October, we all donned our masks and anonymously started painting and spraying our Eco message.” – Rod Coyne

“The following day the winners were announced and all thirty artists could reveal their identities to the world. To my amazement and great delight I picked up 3rd prize for Banksy Bear. You have till October 2020 (when he will be over-painted for next year’s competition) to see him on the rear-side of the Sandcastle Cafe on the Tramore seafront”. – Rod Coyne

There’s still time to take part in the popular vote for the peoples choice on Facebook or Twitter.

The winners enclosure, artist unmasked and triumphant.

About the project:

The Tramore Banksy Project is a Graffito Art Competition set up by Tramore Eco group. Artists will be invited to come up with an original piece of graffiti that promotes ecological awareness (that’s the theme). There will be 30 walls all around Tramore being used as a canvas for the participating artists. Each wall being a max. of 3 x 3 metres in size.The competition will take place over the October Bank Holiday weekend of Oct 30th – Nov 2nd 2019. The winning pieces of graffiti will be rewarded with a monetary prize sponsored by Tramore Eco group. The amount that will be won will be announced soon.This project aims to explore, through irony (this is the important part), the artistic excellence and social statement that is Banksy Art.

“It all started with the idea of a polar floating into Tramore Bay on the last fragment of ice. To boost the Eco message I tried balancing him on a giant plastic bottle, but the scale made a bit of a nonsense of the image. And on the day before the competition I can up with the idea of floating him on an oil drum and did this sketch.”
– Rod Coyne

#EcoAwareness #banksy #banksyprojecttramore #Tramore #Waterford #Irelandsancienteast #mideastmezze #SandcastleCafe

Rod Coyne Returns to the RDS in Art Source 2019

Art Source runs from November 15 – 18th, 2019. Book your free tickets here.

Rod Coyne outside the RDS in Art Source 2019 advertising stand number J10
Rod Coyne outside the RDS in Art Source 2019 advertising stand number J10

Avoca Gallery’s resident artist Rod Coyne is at RDS in Art Source 2019 and will show a range of paintings from key phases during the past decade. His return to the RDS follows 2018’s triumphant return to Ireland’s premier art fair. He exhibited at the inaugural art fair Art Ireland as it was known 2000, and now he’s back with paintings unrecognizable to what he was showing at the turn of the millennium. You’ll find Rod on stand J10.

Read full details and book you free tickets here.

Learn to Paint under Rod’s wing!

Learn to paint through total Immersion

Imagine your day’s work is to paint the landscape in front of you. Imagine your looking at a stunning vista in the Garden of Ireland. Imagine a dedicated artist of 30 years experience is going to first demonstrate the process from A – Z and then take you by the hand step-by-step. You’ve just imagined a day workshop with Avoca Painting School hosted by Rod Coyne.

Rod Coyne explaining painting techniques for working outdoors.
Learn to paint with Rod Coyne

Time to learn to paint

Avoca Painting School offer you the chance to learn to paint landscape plein air. Facilitated by Rod Coyne the five-day-workshop will give you an intense insight to being creative outdoors. During decades working outdoors Rod has built up techniques to roll with the elements while chasing clouds and light across the canvas, and these can become yours while painting under his wing.

Rod Coyne explains techniques through painting demonstration.
Rod Coyne explains techniques through painting demonstration.

Single days now also available!

Avoca Painting School’s 5-day painting break runs from the 15th till the 19th of July 2019. Now you can book one or more days individually. Check the list of dates and locations below email us to book yours.

Students capture the waters light and movement with Rod Coyne at Knockanree Gardens.
Students capture the waters light and movement with Rod Coyne at Knockanree Gardens.

July 15th – 19th 2019, five days 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Five scenic Wicklow locations
Wicklow, Ireland

(Please note these are planned locations and may be subject to change).

Outdoor Painting Holiday Day 1
Monday, July 15th , 2019 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Meeting of the Waters,
Meeting of the Waters, Wicklow, Ireland

Outdoor Painting Holiday Day 2
Tuesday, July 16th, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Glendalough, Upper Lake,
Glendalough, Wicklow, Ireland

Outdoor Painting Holiday Day 3
Wednesday, July 17th, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Kockanree Garden,
Avoca, Wicklow, Ireland

Outdoor Painting Holiday Day 4
Thursday, July 18th, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Avoca Handweavers,
Avoca, Wicklow, Ireland

Outdoor Painting Holiday Day 5
Friday, July 19th, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Kilmacurragh Botanic Gardens,
Kilbride, Wicklow, Ireland

Print out: 2019 Dates & Locations_Painting Holiday

Book the all five days here or email info@rodcoyne.com to book individual days. If you’ve always wanted to learn to paint then dont wait any longer – book now.

EXTENDED 10TH APRIL! “Kingdom Come” with Rod Coyne at Dublin’s Origin Gallery.

Rod Coyne is one of a group of artists contributing to the Origin Gallery exhibition entitled “Kingdom Come”. Based on work inspired by the Kingdom of Kerry this show will feature a total of nine artists. Rod will have eight paintings hanging, each a different hue of the Atlantic coastline and Skellig Michael.

Image of Rod Coyne's "Irregular's Vision". Painted on residency in 2017 it features Skellig Michael in the Origin Gallery from 15th March 2019.
Painted on residency in 2017 Rod Coyne’s “Irregular’s Vision” features Skellig Michael in the Origin Gallery from 15th March 2019.

The exhibition opens to the public on the 15th of March (closing on the 29th),
and runs throughout Dublin’s St. Patrick’s  weekend celebrations.
Private viewing on the Thursday the 14th.


You are cordially invited to preview a group exhibition of paintings entitled

at Origin Gallery, 37 Fitzwilliam St. Upper, Dublin 2, opening by Dr. Noelle Campbell-Sharp,

founder of the Cill Rialaig Artists Retreat, Co. Kerry.

Thursday 14th March 2019 with Wine reception 6 – 8pm

RSVP Ph. 01 662 9347 or

RSVP – Click Here

Image of Rod's painting "Winter Seahorse" tells of the kinetic energy of the ocean beating on the Kerry shore.
Rod’s painting “Winter Seahorse” tells of the kinetic energy of the ocean beating on the Kerry shore.

Kingdom Come – artists and Origin Gallery location

Rod’s paintings will be hanging alongside some of Ireland’s finest painters. You can see art by Andrew Gifford, Linda Graham, Eithne Healy, Susan Morley, Maggie Brown, Sarah Corner, Sarah Langham, and Ken Browne. The exhibition promises to be diverse, compelling and inspiring.

Image of Rod Coyne's "Heavenly Shore" 40x50cm is a heavily painted oil on canvas and depicts the frontier between the Atlantic and South-West Kerry.
Rod Coyne’s “Heavenly Shore” 40x50cm is a heavily painted oil on canvas and depicts the frontier between the Atlantic and South-West Kerry

The Origin Gallery is situated at 37 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin 2. You can phone them on: +353 1 662 9347. The gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 5.30 pm and there are likely to be events on St. Patrick’s weekend. For up to date info please check their Facebook and website and google maps.

Image of "Cill Rialaig Dream" by Rod Coyne, oil on canvas, which celebrates that sense of vertigo experienced of the cliff tops of County Kerry.
The “Cill Rialaig Dream” by Coyne celebrates that sense of vertigo experienced of the cliff tops of County Kerry.

Kingdom Come – Rod’s Kerry roots

The relationship between artist and gallery is committed and long term and started when Coyne’s work was spotted by Dr. Noelle Campbell-Sharpe way back in the year 2000. After sending him on a short residency to Cill Rialaig, Rod (having just returned from a decade painting in Germany) was offered his first Irish solo show in Dublin’s Origin Gallery.

Image of "Scariff Island" is an energetic painting straight out of Coyne's Atmospherics style.
“Scariff Island” is an energetic painting straight out of Coyne’s Atmospherics style.

Rod’s first visit to the Kerry residency, in the year 2000, opened a door for his work which would influences and drives him to this very day. The artist talks about a sense of genetic memory he feels when working on the home turf of his mother’s family. And having left Germany on a mission to engage with the Irish landscape Ballinskelligs Bay proved the perfect springboard to this new artist conversation.

Image of Rod Coyne's "Atlantic Drizzle", 40x40cm and is oil on canvas.
Rod Coyne, “Atlantic Drizzle”, 40x40cm and is oil on canvas.

You can see more of Rod Coyne’s County Kerry based art here.

#WildAtlanticWay #Skellig #StarWars

The Art of Noodle Finance IFSC

CHQ Building in the heart of Dublin’s IFSC .

Photo of Rod on his way into CHQ in the heart of Dublin's Financial Centre.
Rod on his way into CHQ in the heart of Dublin’s IFSC .

“Just recently I hung some paintings in an eatery in Dublin’s IFSC (International Financial Services Centre). I get offered these informal exhibition opportunities regularly and must weigh up the pros and cons very carefully each time. Inevitably I go with my extinct.”

Photo shows: Inside the CHQ is bathed in light and buzzing with Dublin's Financial Centre workers relaxing on a well deserved lunch break.
Inside the CHQ is bathed in light and buzzing with Dublin’s Financial Centre workers relaxing on a well deserved lunch break.

“Once inside the door of CHQ I saw a space bathed in light and buzzing with Dublin’s IFSC workers. In particular I was seduced by the harmonious blend of Georgian Industrial and contemporary architecture. I had a nice feeling about the place.”

So to the art, the paintings below are all on display in Toss’d Noodles and Salads in the CHQ Building, 1 Custom House Quay, North Dock, IFSC, Dublin. They are all for sale directly from Rod Coyne, email: info@rodcoyne.com , mobile: 087-2259680.

Click on the Blue Text in each painting to view each in detail and purchase options.

“They say there is no such thing as free lunch but currently at Toss’d Noodles you can enjoy your lunch surrounded by this gratis exhibition in a single sitting. So forget about “Leprechaun Economics” and discover The Art of Noodle Finance.”

Photo of Diners from Dublin's Financial Centre surrounded by Rod Coyne's singular contemporary paintings.
Diners from Dublin’s IFSC surrounded by Rod Coyne’s singular contemporary paintings.

“Having eaten in Toss’d Noodles and Salads on several occasions I can’t recommend this restaurant highly enough. Add to that the fact that it is now adorned with some of my favorite canvases that recommendation has just gone higher still!” – Rod Coyne.

Photo of CHG Building on a busy Liffey quayside in the heart of Dublin's financial centre.
CHG Building on a busy Liffey quayside in the heart of Dublin’s IFSC.

See more of Rod Coyne’s paintings here.


Red Hot Stocking Fillers in Dublin.

New Works dressed in Red

Creating new “Rod Sees Red” canvases is always a pleasure for Rod Coyne. And knowing that these paintings will be going straight to exhibition makes it doubly sweet. So it’s no wonder that the artist got all excited when asked to join a Dublin Christmas show just as he was finishing his new series.


Christmas Stocking Fillers 2018

“Christmas Stocking Fillers 2018’, is a unique show at The Doorway Gallery where all the canvases are the same size and all under €500. This spectacular exhibition provides you with the rare opportunity to begin collecting works of art by your favourite artist, at very affordable prices. All of the gallery’s artists, throughout the year, have been working tirelessly towards this show, creating new work. This exhibition runs till 24th December 2018.


“Crimson County”

Image of "Crimson County" 20x25cm, acrylic on canvas.
Based on a Co. Mayo landscape Rod Coyne’s “Crimson County” 20x25cm, acrylic on canvas is a familiar yet decidedly odd Irish landscape.

“Downpatrick (Red)head”

Image of "Downpatrick (Red)head", 20x25cm, acrylic on canvas.

Coyne’s “Downpatrick (Red)head” is a modest 20x25cm but packs the punch of a heavyweight. It’s acrylic on canvas and has been dropping jaws since it went up on the wall in Dublin’s iconic Doorway Gallery.

“Achill Rouge”

Image of Rod Coyne's "Achill Rouge", 20x25cm, acrylic on canvas.
It’s no coincidence that the Wild Atlantic Way has been the darling of Irish tourism. Celebrating this wild beauty Rod’s “Achill Rouge” bows its head in awe. It’s a mere 20x25cm, painted in acrylic on canvas, and could be yours for €475.

“Copper Red Coast”

Image of Rod Coyne's painting "Copper Red Coast", 20x25cm, acrylic on canvas.
Not far south of the artists home Waterford’s “Copper Red Coast” is a gem in Ireland’s Ancient East. And Rod’s, 20x25cm, acrylic on canvas depicts it in full glory.

“Red Road”

Image of Rod Coyne's "Red Road", 20x25cm, acrylic on canvas.
It’s hard to image that the “Red Road” is not derived from the red planet, yet it truly is an Irish landscape given Coyne’s other treatment.

“Red County”

I.age of "Red County", 20x25cm, acrylic on canvas.
“Turning the landscape red has allowed me an opportunity to emphasize the Irish Sea’s natural palette of greens and the juxtaposition of the the two colours transfixes the viewer’s eye, “ according to Rod Coyne. This vibrating colour collision is nowhere more apparent than in his “Red County” painting, 20x25cm, acrylic on canvas.

Off the Wall

Rod Coyne's three canvases at the Doorway Gallery.
A selection of Rod’s new canvas displayed alongside some of the other great works available at the Doorway’s Christmas Stocking Filler exhibition.


Three of Rod Coyne's paintings on display in Doorway Gallery, Dublin.
Three of Rod Coyne’s paintings on display in Doorway Gallery, Dublin.


Find out full exhibition details here.

See what else Rod’s has been up to artistically on Facebook.


The Doorway Gallery opening hours for Christmas on 24 South Frederick Street

Monday – Saturday 10.30 – 6pm
Sunday 2-5pm for the month of December
Late night Thursday December 20th until 7.30pm
Late night Friday December 21st until 7.30pm
Saturday December 22nd 10.30 -6pm
Sunday 23rd December 2 – 5pm
Monday 24th December 10.30-3pm

Closed 25th – 7th January 2019

Gallery re-opens at normal working hours Monday 7th January 2019